Silicon Anchor Secure Technology with PUF

  • Innovative semiconductor Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) based on custom logic cells design and curve cryptography.

  • Enables embedded systems to possess unique and genuinely random digital identities as well as unique keys.

  • Establishes a robust root-of-trust foundation to address emerging security challenges in both system and applications.

  • Ready-to-use implementation without the need for silicon aging or key injection, providing independence from power-up cycles

Regardless of the nature of an application, if it is connected to or utilizes network resources, the device running it requires robust security protocols and ciphers. Every connected device, even if it doesn't handle sensitive data, poses a potential entry point for hackers into the network and thus needs to be protected when connected.

The bare minimum for protection or to avoid being an entry point for hackers is to incorporate an embedded root-of-trust. This root-of-trust establishes an unforgeable unique identity and generates associated keys using random numbers, ensuring compliance with the security standards required for both present and future networks.

The true security of a device and network lies in the method employed to generate security credentials. Recently, Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs) have been utilized to enhance the security level of these credentials, providing a source of uniqueness and eliminating the need for involvement from third parties. However, current PUF solutions have improved the security of the root-of-trust but have not kept pace with versatility, limiting their ability to perform the same functions as manually injected single identities and keys. This limitation is no longer sufficient to meet the challenges posed by emerging threats.


The IIST PUF technology introduces a PUF system that offers devices the capability to possess multiple random digital identities, thereby enabling multiple root-of-trust. This solution not only encompasses all the security benefits of a conventional PUF, but it also empowers devices to independently manage secure functions and applications, allowing for the renewal or revocation of identities as needed. This feature is crucial for the secure integration of modern IoT systems, which involve numerous connections, users, applications, and services. By providing this level of flexibility, IIST PUF technology ensures the safe and efficient operation of complex IoT environments.

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