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In today's world of the Internet of Things, protecting devices and networks is becoming increasingly important. IIST Inc. provides PUF-based hardware security chip design and solutions, targeting the market needs for IoT device development. Our technology and products are designed specifically for original equipment and design manufacturers to enhance their security practices with powerful protection and embedded hardware security.

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Protecting devices and networks in the era of the Internet of Things is crucial. At IIST Inc., we provide PUF-based hardware security chip design and solutions to enhance security practices for original equipment and design manufacturers. Our competitive solution offers a quick and relatively low-cost path to market for embedded additional security features. With our innovative PUF technology and a dynamic team up-to-date on the latest security modules, you can trust us to provide a reliable and effective hardware security solution.

Consumer Electronics Security

Secure Connections
Our products ensure safe and secure device connections, protecting against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Data Privacy and Protection
With advanced security measures, our products prioritize data privacy, safeguarding personal information and sensitive data.

Defense Against Hacking
Our products offer robust defense mechanisms, making it significantly challenging for hackers to breach the system.

Securing Digital Finances
Our products provide a secure foundation for early-stage digital financial transactions, protecting financial data and payment systems.

Secure Industry 4.0

Seamless Infrastructure Upgrades
Our products address the challenges of upgrading existing infrastructures in the smart industry, ensuring a smooth transition without disruptions.

Enhanced End-Point Security
Our products strengthen the security of devices at the end-points, providing robust protection against potential vulnerabilities and unauthorized access.

Preventing Production Chain Disruptions
By mitigating the snowball effect caused by a simple data leak, our products prevent the freezing of the entire production chain, ensuring continuous operations and minimizing downtime.

Secure Automotive

Enhanced Security for Multiple Stakeholders
Our products address the unique security challenges faced by smart automotive systems, providing robust protection for the multiple stakeholders involved in a single vehicle.

Efficient Allocation of Permissions and Smart Ownership
Our products simplify the allocation of different permissions and enable seamless management of smart ownerships in smart automotive systems, ensuring secure and authorized access to various functionalities

Secure Healthcare IoT

Secure Protection of Private Data
Our solutions provide robust security measures to prevent private data leaks in smart healthcare systems, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of sensitive patient information.

Prevention of Data Tampering
Our products offer advanced mechanisms to detect and prevent data tampering in smart healthcare environments, safeguarding the integrity and reliability of critical healthcare data.

Uninterrupted Infrastructures for Urgent Treatments
We address the challenge of interruptions in infrastructures by providing resilient and reliable solutions that minimize the risk of disruptions, enabling uninterrupted access to vital healthcare services and urgent treatments.

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