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IIST Intelligent Information Security Technology, a pioneering startup at the forefront of hardware security innovation, is proud to announce its official launch and entry into the global market. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, IIST aims to address the pressing challenges of data security in the digital age.

In today's interconnected world, where the Internet of Things (IoT) permeates various sectors such as consumer electronics, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, finance, smart homes, smart cities, and even personal digital identity and cybersecurity domains, the prevalence of cyber threats is undeniable. Recognizing the need for impenetrable security measures, IIST has developed an innovative hardware security solution that eliminates the vulnerabilities associated with traditional software-based protection mechanisms.

IIST's core technology revolves around the utilization of Physically Unclonable Function (PUF), a recently novel concept akin to the uniqueness of human fingerprints. PUF leverages the inherent physical variations present in different silicon chips, creating what is commonly referred to as "chip fingerprints" or "chip DNA." Building upon PUF's foundation, IIST combines the distinct DNA of each chip with true random digital codes and a state-of-the-art "security algorithm" embedded directly into the chip, resulting in the creation of the next-generation PUF-based hardware security technology and a series of security module chips. 

Thanks to the generous support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs' "Startup Creation Plan 2.0 Program," IIST has not only developed the latest generation of PUF-based hardware security technology but has also secured a significant NT$120 million equity investment from the renowned publicly listed company "Optimax Co., Ltd." With Optimax’s assistance, IIST is poised to tap into their extensive industry network, including potential collaborations in various electronics sector, and together venture into the global security market, establishing a new paradigm of cross-industry cooperation.


Kow-Ming CHANG, Ph.D.
Kow-Ming CHANG, Ph.D.Chairman & President
Paul Y-F WU, Ph.D.
Paul Y-F WU, Ph.D.Vice-Chairman & Co-Founder
Wai-Chi FANG, Ph.D.
Wai-Chi FANG, Ph.D.Director & Founder
Nicolas FAHIER, Ph.D.
Nicolas FAHIER, Ph.D.Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Jian-Feng LIN, MBA
Jian-Feng LIN, MBAChief Financial Officer & Co-Founder
Qing-Wei LIN, Ph.D.
Qing-Wei LIN, Ph.D.Business Manager & Development


March 2023

Fundraising round I

Completed the fundraising round I with Optimax Technology Corporation for a value of $NT120M in exchange of 25% equity.

March 2023

Oct 2022

IIST Inc. registration and establishment

Formal company registration and establishment in Hsinchu, Taiwan with a board of directors

Jan 2022

MOE Start-up Creation Plan 2.0

Obtained the financial and advisory support from the Ministry of Economy, Taiwan, in the continuity of the Ministry of Science and Technology previous plan.

Jan 2022

September 2021

Field Product demonstration

First versions of the future products demonstrated and completed via TSRI chip tape-out for industrial early integration and collaboration

Jan 2021

MOST Start-up Creation Plan

New start-up business plan and future product development supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan.

Jan 2021

Dec 2020

First Functional POC

Achieved the first system-on-chip proof-of-concept of the physically unclonable function via the support of Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute (TSRI) at NYCU

Feb 2019

Jonetix Corporation, Cupertino CA, U.S.A, Research Collaboration

Co-research and development with an established start-up in Cupertino, California, for creating and develop a new type of PUF on systm-on-chip

Feb 2019

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Rm. 104, No. 47, Yuanqu 2nd Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City 300 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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